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Choosing Blow Molding As a Manufacturing Process

When you need a strong and reliable carrying case, choosing blow molding as a manufacturing process is one of your best options. Creating blow molded, double-walled cases are simple to create and yield amazing benefits.

Why should you choose a blow molded case?

Blow Molded Cases Strength & Durability

They are undeniably strong. Because the case is made in one piece, it has reliable structural integrity. It can withstand inclement weather, bangs, and certain falls without cracking or breaking. When paired with custom foam inserts, even delicate and fragile products can remain safe.


Because of the double-wall construction, an air space is created, which protect the goods inside the case. This construction creates a shock-absorbent layer between the outside of the case and inside. Laptops, camera lenses, and glass can be transported safely and efficiently.

Custom Designs

Custom carrying cases are designed based on what needs to be carried. From two laptops to ten, cases and custom foam inserts can fit any need. For heavy and large cases, wheels and handles are added to make transportation easier.


Cases are designed as one piece, which means that manufacturing cases are typically cheaper than similar case production methods. If you don't want to sacrifice strength, blow molded cases become a great option.

Custom Foam Inserts

Once your blow molded case is created, custom foam inserts are designed and inserted into the case. Depending on your needs, different types of foam are used for the case's lid and base.

For more information on designing and building your cases, you should not hesitate to give Princeton Case Company a call. Our team is here to help.

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Princeton Case Company, Inc.
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