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Should I Choose Injection or Blow Molding?

When it comes to building custom carrying cases, there are two main types of manufacturing: blow molding and injection molding. Each molding type offers pros and cons. Custom Carrying CasesChoosing between production types is essential for getting the right case and staying within budget.
Blow molding plastic is like glass blowing because it shares the same necessary steps. This manufacturing process creates high volumes of a single hollowed object. If you are making cases to sell or cases to promote a business, this could be the route for you. Blow molding can create thin-walled containers that are uniform.

Blow molding:

  1. Is less expensive than injection molding
  2. Has machining costs that are also lower than injection molding
  3. A single-piece construction means there is no need to connect different parts
  4. Is capable of more design freedom than injection molding

Injection Molding requires more upfront engineering than blow molding. Molds are formed from steel or aluminum, and then liquid polymers are added to the mold at high temperatures and under extreme pressure.

Individuals choose injection molding because:

  1. Multi-cavity molds can be made
  2. Highly detailed final products
  3. Possible to change material and colors being used
  4. Efficient use of materials and a low scrap rate


Both molding types are beneficial, but blow molding tends to make a robust and strong custom carrying case. For more information on which molding type is right for you, please give our engineers a call. We specialize in creating and building custom cases.

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