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Blow Molded Cases

Blow Molded Cases – Classic Line

Blow Molded CasesOur Classic Line of Blow Molded Cases provides a quick and affordable custom package, expressly designed for your product. Classic Line cases are available with several value-added enhancements including custom fabricated foam interiors, die-cut flaps and other compartments for product literature or manuals, lift-out interior trays, and hot stamped logos to maximize your brand identity. These cases are blow molded from recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Why? Because no other material even comes close when it comes to impact strength (even in the coldest weather), resistance to solvents and oils, and durability. These cases will never rust or corrode. Also, the color is molded in, so it can never chip, peal, or rub off. And our scratch resistant Mold-Tech™ exterior finishes stay looking good, even after years of hard use.

Classic size list:Blow Molded Cases - Classic LinePrinceton Case Blow Molded Cases

Blow Molded - Classic Line (For inside dimensions (approx), subtract 1" from length/width & 3/8" from depth)
  (Handles are featured on all cases with 3" or greater depth)
Model Number Length Width Available Depths # Latches
#B065-045-XXX 6.5" 4.5" 1.7"(-017), 2.1"(-021) 1
#B070-044-015 7" 4.4" 1.5" 1
#B080-050-XXX 8" 5" 1.8"(-018), 2.3"(-023) 1
#B085-060-XXX 8.5" 6" 2"(-020), 2.5"(-025), 3"(-030) 1
#B090-055-015 9" 5.5" 1.5" 1
#B095-065-XXX 9.5" 6.5" 2"(-020), 2.5"(-025), 3"(-030), 3.5"(-035) 1
#B103-063-015 10.2" 6.2" 1.5" 1
#B105-070-XXX 10.5" 7" 2.2"(-023), 3"(-030), 3.7"(-038) 1
#B113-075-XXX 11.2" 7.5" 2.2"(-023), 3"(-030), 3.7"(-038) 1
#B120-080-XXX 12" 8" 2.2"(-023), 3"(-030), 3.7"(-038) 1
#B123-035-023 12.2" 3.5" 2.2" 2
#B125-073-016 12.5" 7.2" 1.6" 1
#B135-080-XXX 13.5" 8" 3.2"(-033), 4.4"(-044), 5.5"(-055) 2
#B135-090-XXX 13.5" 9" 3.2"(-033), 4.4"(-044), 5.5"(-055) 2
#B135-100-XXX 13.5" 10" 3.2"(-033), 4.4"(-044), 5.5"(-055) 2
#B140-090-XXX 14" 9" 1.7"(-018), 2.2"(-023) 2
#B150-050-025 15" 5" 2.5" 2
#B150-100-XXX 15" 10" 3.2"(-033), 4.4"(-044), 5.5"(-055) 2
#B150-110-XXX 15" 11" 3.2"(-033), 4.4"(-044), 5.5"(-055) 2
#B160-115-XXX 16" 11.5" 3.2"(-033), 4.4"(-044), 5.5"(-055) 2
#B170-070-033 17" 7" 3.2" 2
#B170-120-XXX 17" 12" 3.2"(-033), 4.4"(-044), 5.5"(-055) 2
#B180-130-XXX 18" 13" 4.2"(-043), 5.4"(-038), 6.5"(-065) 2
#B190-140-XXX 19" 14" 4.7"(-048), 6.1"(-061), 7.5"(-075) 2
#B210-080-025 21" 8" 2.5" 2
#B230-150-XXX 23" 15" 4.2"(-043), 5.6"(-056) 2
#B230-160-XXX 23" 16" 7"(-070), 10"(-100) 2
#B275-160-XXX 27.5" 16" 7"(-070), 10"(-100) 2
#B280-090-045 28" 9" 4.5" 2


Blow Molded Cases – Premier Line

Our Premier Line of Blow Molded Cases are attractive option for product protection and are easily customized with custom fabricated foam interiors, engraving, printing, labeling, custom colors and in-mold labeling and decorating. Constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Premier Line Cases resist most chemicals and gasoline. The case offers a natural dust seal and double-wall protection in the lid and base that automatically creates an interior impact barrier for crush resistance. A dual latch system provides easy latching for security, even in harsh conditions.

Premier size list:Blow Molded Cases - Premier Line

Blow Molded - Premier Line (Dimensions listed are inside dimensions)
Model Number Length Width Available Depths # Latches
#B10-400 8.3" 5.5" 3.3" 1
#B12-XXX 9.5" 6.7" 1.7"(-250), 3.2"(-450) 2
#B14-XXX 11.5" 8.5" 3.2"(-400), 4.2"(-500), 5.7"(-650) 2
#B17-XXX 14.4" 10" 3.5"(-450), 5.5"(-650) 2
#B20-XXX 17.8" 12.7" 4.5"(-550), 7.5"(-850) 2
#B27-850 25" 14.3" 7.5" 2
#B43-700 41" 14.8" 6.0" 2


Injection Molded

Our Injection Molded cases can be used to protect, store and merchandise a wide variety of products. Available in a range of color options, this line of cases is easy to customize with custom fabricated foam interiors, cubed foam, adhesive or in-mold labels, logo plates, engraving or vacuum trays. Constructed of polypropylene resin, the case features slide open/shut lockable latches with an overlapping lid-to-base closure for a natural dust and moisture barrier.

Injection size list:Blow Molded Cases Injection Molded

Blow Molded - Injection Molded (Dimensions listred are inside dimensions)
Model Number Length Width Available Depths # Latches
#M070-035 6.5" 4.2" 3.2" 2
#T105-300 9.5" 5.8" 2.7" 2
#M100-305 9.7" 7.2" 3.1" 2
#M120-350 11" 7.3" 3.2" 2
#T140-325 13.3" 7.4" 3" 2
#M150-338 14" 11" 3.1" 2
#T170-388 16.4" 9.3" 3.5" 2


Blow Molded Carrying Cases

There is without a doubt reasons to spend money on custom carrying cases that are blow molded. Simply put, these custom carrying cases are amongst the strongest and most durable on the market. Using special thermoplastics, as well as using a special process to make the case, allows for the case's strength. Thermoplastic is stronger than regular plastic, and when blow molded into single pieces it becomes that much stronger. These cases make great options for reliability when carrying expensive and fragile goods. Common goods carried in these cases are computers, external hard drives, cameras, lens, and more. If you are carrying any of the above products for work then you need it to get to the job safe. If you are carrying any of the above goods for your own personal reasons then you probably don't want to watch your stuff get bumped and broken. Custom carrying cases make sure your stuff gets to where it needs to be.

What is a blow molding?

Blow molding is a process that is similar to glass blowing. It is a way to create plastic that is hollow. Commercial blow molding began in the US in the late 1930s. Over the next ten years plus there was not much change or innovation in the field. The process was first created in response to how easily glass would break. Even thick glass cracks, scratches, and breaks. An alternative was needed and that was blow molding plastics. In order to blow mold, thermoplastics are melted down; however, there are three different ways in which to actually blow mold plastic.

There are a lot of unfinished products that have an excess of plastic on them. There is a process called spin trimming that takes care of this extra plastic. The plastic is stationary and a spinning knife cuts material away.

The Blow Molding Process

Mold Plastic Cases

The ability to blow mold plastic cases means that you are able to create extremely durable and long lasting cases. When you are looking for the highest quality in protection, you need to first consider blow molded cases. The way in which the final product is created allows for it to be stronger than plastic cases built in different ways. Below we will be going over how blow molded cases are made, so that you can understand why these cases are so strong.

Blow molding is a process that uses air pressure to push soft (later hardened) plastic into the cavity of a mold. This allows people to make completely hollow plastic pieces. In some instances smaller, thin walled parts will be me made, such as bottles or similar small containers. When making cases for instance, the walls will be much larger and thicker. One of the big pros of blow molding, and why it is sometimes more economical than rotational molding, is that things can be blow molded in quick succession.

In essences, there are only two steps to creating blow molded plastics. The first thing is to create the parison. The parison is the tube or hollow piece that plastic will be forced into. It is the same concept as glass blowing.  A parison is made one of two ways: extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. After the parison is created it is clamped into a mold. This is where the air and plastic is blown. One must inflate the tube to the final shape.

When using this process there are only certain materials that can be used. You need to use plastics that can be softened enough where it becomes malleable, but they must also have a chemical composition that allows them to harden once cooled. If not, then this process would never be possible. This limits blow molding to using thermoplastics. One of the most commonly used polymers is polyethylene. There is a very clear reason why this is the case. It has a high molecular weight and density. Low-density polymers have a harder time getting hard, so usually cases need to be made thicker, which makes the case bulkier and heavier.

For the most part, blow molding is done for things that are disposable, but that it not all blow molding is good for. It can make heavy-duty carrying cases, shipping drums, and even has been used for making the hulls of boats.    

Why Don’t You Have Blow Molded Cases Yet? Whenever you need to travel and keep your things protected you need cases. If you are carrying computers or any other sort of electronics that needs to be protected then you do not want to take chances. There are many different options for cases, including sizes, colors, and thickness of the exterior case. Be smart next time you travel for work, because you can easily and cheaply get blow molded cases. Go online and go find yourself a great company to sell you the items you need to keep your things protected.

Molded Cases

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