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Plastic Carrying Case With Foam
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Custom Carrying Cases, Soft Sided Cases


"Are you ready to design your perfect soft-sided carrying case?"
We at Princeton Case are!

After years of fine tuning your product's quality and performance, the time has come for innovative packaging to surpass your competition. Let us use our expertise to help you design your perfect custom carrying cases.

Custom Carrying Cases
Custom Carrying Cases - Choose from the following materials & options:
Screen Printing 
Embossed Leather 
Patch Gold / Silver Stamping 
Woven Patches 
Clear Plastic Card/ Label Holders

Interior Options 
Custom Die Cut Foam 
Adjustable Padded Partitions 
Rigid Plastic Partitions 
Elastic, Velcro or Buckle Straps 
Sewn or Zipper Pockets 
Felt Linen

Polyester (Light & Heavy) 
Nylon (Ballistic, Oxford & Pack Cloth) 
Leather Trim

Carrying Methods 
Strap or Padded Handles 
Shoulder Straps 
Belt Loop 
Back Carrying Harness


All cases are available in various colors and grades of materials. 
If you do not see your desired materials listed, let us know and we will locate them. 
"Package your product best with the case that surpasses the rest"


Endless Options for Custom Carrying Cases

Custom Carrying Cases

There are a plethora of different carrying case styles. Each different case serves a distinctive, practical function and exhibits a unique aesthetical style. Typically known as a briefcase, carrying cases are ideal for the presentation, organization, and security of your valuables, and ensure the safe transit of such valued goods where ever you go.

Many carrying cases are designed through the process of blow molding. Blow molded cases are extremely durable and are modified for superior protection and organization. Many cases are outfitted with a foam interior as well. Cases can be designed to fit all needs, interests, and activities. For example, if you are a musician that is consistently traveling, cases can be designed to fit the exact dimensions of your valued, and expensive instrument. You can by cases for hobbies such as telescopes, or can stick with a traditional, professional briefcase that has sections for organizing important papers. Carrying cases can also be coupled with a locking mechanism that ensures the safety of the sensitive goods inside. 

Waterproof cases are available to those who need to protect electronic equipment in all sorts of weather conditions.  If you consistently travel with a laptop or external hard drive, you may value a case that withholds water from touching your items.

Below is a complied list of popular carrying cases that are all blow molded. Each case is incredibly customizable and can be designed to fit the needs of the customer on a very specific basis.

Tote cases are innovative designs that allow traditional carrying cases to be transformed into a cart with wheels.  In some instances, tote cases can even carry up to 200 pounds worth of goods

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