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Custom Foam Inserts

Case foam inserts give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve.

Custom Foam Inserts

If you need case foam inserts, you need Princeton Case Company.

Princeton Case Company specializes in designing and supplying custom foam packaging solutions.  Our experience and expertise enable us to design the best protective foam packaging solution to protect your product reliably and efficiently. 

We know that every customer's foam needs are different and unique. By understanding your needs, goals and budget, Princeton Case can work with you to develop the foam solution that's right for your application.
Some of our foam packaging capabilities and products: custom foam inserts

Case Foam Inserts 

Some of the industries we currently provide foam packaging for:

  • Computer
  • Electronics
  • Glassware
  • Medical
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Government Applications

Products can be supplied in buns, blocks, sheets, rolls or fabricated parts - in standard or custom densities, IFD's, or colors.

custom foam inserts for casesProducts:

We can create a custom foam insert to meet the specific sizes and specifications for your items.

Case Foam Inserts Case Foam Inserts

Custom Foam Inserts is our specialty.  No matter how large, small, delicate, or vulnerable your equipment might be, call us now!


Creating Custom Foam Insert

It is possible to spend a good deal of time designing the outside of a custom carrying case. This includes deciding on:

  1. Material: plastic, metal, canvas
  2. Molding process: blow molding, thermoforming, and injection molding
  3. Size: height, width, length
  4. Shape
  5. Color

You can spend lots of time considering the above options, but all of that will be in vein if you do not put custom formed foam inside of it.

Custom Foam Inserts

At Princeton Cases, we will help you design foam inserts for a custom carrying case. We can do this in a few simple steps.

First, we will determine the ideal layout for equipment within the case. The primary factor for this determination is the level of fragility of material being placed in the case.

The second step is to make the outline for a mold for the foam. This framework is necessary for creating exact fits in the final foam.

The last step is to use high-tech machinery to cut out the correct dimensions for the foam.
Do not underestimate the importance of designing the inside of your case. Do not just buy foam offline. Instead give us a call at Princeton Cases, so that we can design and build you custom carrying cases.


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Princeton Case Company, Inc.
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