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How to Cut Custom Foam Inserts

Custom foam is cut, in order to fit in a personalized case. There are many different methods for cutting foam inserts, and each method yields a different finished product.

Case foam inserts, Custom Foam Inserts

Water-Jet Cut

Water-jet cutting is the quickest and most accurate method for shaping custom made foam inserts for cases. This type of machine uses compressed water that precisely slices through durable foams. Water jet nozzles have ultra-smooth movement settings, which can design expertly crafted foams.

Die Cut

Die cutting foams yields a very professional look because the foam is specifically sized and smoothly shaped. This means that the item that you will carry in the case will fit perfectly. A die cut foam case can house small items, curved objects and is the fabrication method that is used for large quantity runs and operations.

Wire cut cases

Wire cutting is used for cases that require extra depth and larger sized custom foam inserts.  Advanced computer controlled abrasive wire cutting can design inserts for customs cases as thick as fifty inches.  All wire cut foam custom case inserts require a one time programing charge.

Knife cut cases

Knife cut case fabrication is statistically used for creating prototypes or samples. This method only creates small designs and usually produces no more than 25 pieces.  Most companies use a computer-controlled knife cutter to precisely cut shapes from a single plank of foam

Custom Foam Inserts

If you are interested in learning more about custom carrying cases, foam inserts, or blow molded cases, contact a local professional for more info! We can create a custom foam insert to meet the specific sizes and specifications for your items.

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