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Should You Use Black PE Foam or Charcoal Ester Foam

Blow molded cases are not complete until custom foam inserts have been designed and installed. The protective, outer shell of a case is important for safety, but they are not more important than the foam inserts. When creating plastic carrying cases with foam, there are several foam options to consider. Each option type is different, and so they should not be used interchangeably. First, you need to consider your needs, and then you can choose an insert type.

Blow Molded Cases

First, you must choose between polyurethane (Ester) foam and polyethylene (PE) foam. Knowing the differences between the two types helps ensure you get the best blow molded cases for your exact needs.

  1. It is long-lasting and dense
  2. It is easy to cut with a knife
  3. Comes in anti-static and solid options
  4. Best for objects that need to absorb a modest amount of shock without damage (i.e., electric tools)
  1. Durable and soft
  2. Used for irregular and complex shaped objects (i.e., camera and lenses)
  3. Best for a fragile object that breaks with only modest impact (i.e., glass and crystal)
  4. Comes in different styles, including solid, convoluted, dices, and anti-static


Plastic Carrying Case with Foam

Choosing a foam type can be difficult on your own, so you should not hesitate to reach out to us at Princeton Case Company. We can help you create plastic carrying cases with foam for any need. Give us a call today!

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