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Types of Foam Inserts

There are many different foam inserts for custom-made cases.  Choosing the correct foam for your custom made case is essential for properly protecting your items.  Case Foam InsertsBelow are some common inserts that are used inside of cases.

Case Foam Inserts

Polyethylene is a long lasting material that is easily cut with a knife.  This material is excellent for medium to heavy items that need to be snuggly secured in place.  This is an excellent foam insert for objects that can absorb moderate amounts of shock without being damaged.


Polyurethane is soft, durable foam that is appropriate for protecting delicate objects that are prone to breaking upon impact. This foam is recommended for complex and oddly shaped objects, like cameras or microscopes.

In addition to foam types, there are many different ways to configure the foam in a case.

Solid foam pads: these pads are best for situations where the items sit flush with the base of the case.

Convoluted: Convoluted foam is typically made from Polyurethane. This foam is used as a lid because it has the ability to gently secure in place any items that can protrude above the surface of the foam. 

Custom made cases are tailored towards a specific item, and the best way to pick a foam insert is to consult a professional in the field.

Custom Foam Insert

We can create a custom foam insert to meet the specific sizes and specifications for your items.

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