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Important Things to Know About Blow Molding

When you want to protect your gear, consider purchasing a plastic carrying case with foam. It’s one of the best ways to ensure your materials are protected and secure fully. We design our blow molded cases to meet the specific dimensions of your items. Call today to find out how we protect your goods.

Blow Molded Cases

Why should you consider blow molded cases?

  1. They are incredibly durable. Our cases feature impact-resistant plastic that protects against bumps and bangs.
  2. Our cases come in various colors that will not rub off from wear and tear. The many colors available also make blow molded cases aesthetically pleasing.
  3. The cases come in custom sizes, which means we fit more than 1,000 pieces.
  4. Blow molded cases with foam inserts feature chemically resistant resin.
  5. We have hundreds of stock sizes readily available, which are then customized using mold-in place interior.

Many industries and applications use our blow molded cases. Below are some of the applications that use our cases:

  1. Lawn and garden
  2. Outdoor products and displays
  3. Bulk containers for items such as chemicals and food
  4. Fuel tanks
  5. Medical equipment
  6. Industrial equipment

What exactly does blow molding mean?

When discussing our cases, you’ll hear the term “blow molded” a lot. What does that mean? By expanding a hot plastic parison (a rounded mass of molten glass) against the internal surface of a mold, we create a hollow product to store your items. The most popular polymer used is high-density polyethylene.

Blow Molded Cases


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