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Custom Foam Inserts for Soft Sided Case Materials

Protecting fragile and expensive equipment while traveling should be the primary consideration before going out. For some, safeguarding gear means putting it inside a carrying case the is practically indestructible. Custom Foam Inserts

A strong carrying case like this will be blow molded with thick plastics. It will have custom foam inserts and will be built airtight and waterproof.

Although these heavy-duty carrying cases can be formed with wheel and handles, they can still be cumbersome to transport. Frequently traveling with gear can be a pain with the wrong carrying case.

At Princeton Cases, we offer a full assortment of hard and soft-sided carrying cases, so that you can find a case that fits your exact needs. We build custom soft-sides cases because they protect gear while also being easy to transport.

Soft side cases can be made from several different materials (depending on the needs of the carrier). Commonly used materials include:

Ballistic Nylon: this synthetic nylon fabric is durable and easy to clean. It resists tears and abrasions, which means that it can take a beating. Color variations are limited to this material.

Cordura Nylon: this type of fabric is like ballistic nylon, but it can be dyed more easily. It offers a lower tear strength than ballistic nylon, but Cordura is considered more abrasion resistant.

Polyester: this is the most affordable option on the market. The two above fabrics are considered higher quality, but polyester is still strong and durable.

Custom Foam Inserts

For more information on creating and constructing custom blow molded cases, give us a call. We do custom foam inserts as well.



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