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Protect Your Products on the Road with a Custom Carrying Case

If your business depends on products or tools that are fragile, perhaps heavy, and need to be transported from one place to another, then you may want to research investing in blow molded cases. These custom carrying cases are great for a variety of businesses that work with:

  1. electronic equipment
  2. instruments
  3. salesman sample kits
  4. medical supplies
  5. manufacturing supplies
  6. construction tools
  7. hobby kits (sewing, beading, etc.)
  8. film and photography equipment
Blow Molded Cases

What to look for in plastic carrying cases

When you are talking about tools that are essential to your business, you want to make sure that they are being transported in blow molded cases that are high quality. Whether your custom carrying cases are being transported by hand, air, or ground transportation you want to make a great first impression on your customer by making sure your items arrive in good condition, ready to use. Here are some elements to look for in plastic carrying cases:

  1. No rough edges. Rough plastic edges can easily cut or scratch skin, clothing, and other surfaces. Look for blow mold cases with smooth, round edges.
  2. Easy clasp for closing. Cases that don’t close with ease can potentially damage the items on the inside. The items can shift around and break. There is also the danger of picking it up and having the items fall out. Making sure the case closes well should be part of your high customer service standards.
  3. Ability to open flat. Cases that open at 180 degrees on a flat surface guarantee safe handling of your items. Cases that only open at 90 degrees run the risk of being top heavy, causing the case to tip over and break your contents.

Blow Molded Cases

Plastic carrying cases allow your tools and products to be shipped, carried, and organized in a way that will keep them safe and ready to use. Try ordering a custom case that matches your company logo. They can also be emblazoned with your company logo for an added professional touch. Show your customers that you mean business with a blow molded, custom carrying case.

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