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Picking the Foam for a Case

Custom carrying cases are the perfect vessel for safely transporting goods and materials. When picking a custom carrying case, it is necessary to consider the type of foam insert that will best protect your item. There are many different types of foams, and each variation is appropriate for a specific application.

Standard Polyurethane foam:

Standard polyurethane foam is the most commonly used variation of foam for cases. Custom case designers offer this material as the stock or base line option.  This type of foam is soft enough to provide flexibility, yet dense enough to protect fragile and heavy items from damage. The texture of standard polyurethane is similar to that of a sponge, meaning it can be manipulated with simple pressure and will absorb water. This material is manufactured with an open-air design, which allows water and air to move freely throughout the foam.

High Density Polyurethane Foam:

High-density polyurethane foam is equitable to standard polyurethane foam, but is much denser; in comparison, it takes more pressure to compress the same the same amount of foam.  This material is also similar to the composition of a sponge but requires structural support to keep its shape.  If you have a heavy item, using high-density polyurethane foam is more appropriate than the standard foam alternative. This material is also manufactured with an open-air design, which allows water to flow throughout the material.

Standard Polyethylene Foam:

Not to be confused with standard polyurethane, standard polyethylene foam is typically used for moderate to heavy weight parts and is commonly found in cases used in the military sector.  It is an extremely durable material that can hold objects of notable weights. This foam is closely related to a common pool noodle that can be found in most private swimming pools. This foam is manufactured with a closed cell design, which restricts air and liquids from moving throughout the material.  The material weighs approximately 2.2 pounds per cubic foot and has a temperature service range of -35 through 175 degrees F.

custom foam inserts

High Density Polyethylene Foam #4:

This variation of foam is similar to the aforementioned standard polyethylene, but is particularly denser in comparison. It takes a significant amount of pressure to compress the same amount of material and can support especially heavy goods and items.

If you are interested in learning more about custom carrying cases, blow molded cases, or foam inserts, contact a local manufacturer for more information.

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