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Picking a new Camera Case

A camera is an expensive piece of personal equipment that can capture memories of your travels and important life events. The images taken by a camera are irreplaceable and are the only visual evidence of a special event. In addition to sentimental value, cameras are extremely expensive pieces of equipment with very delicate parts. What looks to be a small fall, could actually crack integral pieces of the camera.  As a result of their invaluable importance, it is necessary to thoroughly protect your camera while traveling.

Custom Cases

No matter which camera you have, there is always an appropriate carrying case. The two main factors that come into question when purchasing a case are: level of protection and accessibility.

Small-Sized Camera:

Small, compact cameras are very small and light, and are typically used for simple point and click photography. These cameras are built with a higher durability and are found in many different waterproof and dustproof designs. For cases, you typically transport these small cameras within a larger backpack; in a handbag, soft zippered pouch, or hard case shell.

Mid-sized Camera:

Medium sized cameras are similar to compact cameras, but often have an additional component, which needs a source of protection. They are fairly resilient, but, unlike the small sized camera, are often too large to fit into another bag. Most carrying cases for medium sized cameras are designed to be carried separately; on a neck strap, belt loop, or key-ring clips.

DSLR Cameras:

DSLR cameras are the largest, most expensive, and heaviest types of cameras on the market. These devices are typically used for professional, high quality images. DSLR cameras need a high level of protection for the lens and body of the camera. There are many custom-carrying cases that are perfect for DSLR cameras. These custom carrying cases fit the camera extremely well and provide superb protection against accidental drops.

Blow Molded Cases

The best way to purchase a camera case is to consider all of the factors before making a video. If the camera is simple and inexpensive it will most likely require a similar case. Conversely, if the camera is more expensive and comes with fragile materials you will need a case that adequately protects the fragile parts. Also, you may need to consider where you are taking your equipment. If you are going on a long, outdoor trek, you will need to have a blow molded case that will protect your camera for not only falls, but from the elements.

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