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Laptops are Destructible

With each passing year, laptop technology gets better, smaller, stronger, and less expensive. As companies begin to join the technological revolution, they have been acquiring large amount of desktop and laptop computers. It seems as though most industries, from construction to finance, are using these computers to help further their business/company. These machines are becoming vital to business, and so these technologies must be protected: both physical protection and protection from viruses or malware. Losing a laptop or desktop can mean losing a great deal of important information.

The first step to protecting your technology is protecting it from potential threats on the web. By buying and installing top of the line spyware and virus detection, you can be warned of potential threats before they harm you. It is important to note that multiple virus programs running at once will not enhance virus detection and prevention, but instead they will cancel each other out leaving you more vulnerable. It is important to also train your employees to have proper Internet etiquette. This means that you should train your workers to spot fake and potentially threatening emails, as well as knowing which site should and should not be accessed. There is never a guarantee that virus protection will catch and fix every single problem. Considering this is the case, it is recommended that you consistently backup your computer’s hard drive either on an external drive or in a cloud. How much the laptop is used and what it is used for should determine how often you backup your machine.

The other important thing to understand about laptops is that they are not indestructible. Yes, with each year companies are figuring how to make these machines more durable, but they aren’t built withstand repeated or extreme abuse. There is, of course, one laptop on the market that is built to be abused: the Panasonic Toughbook. This laptop is rather expensive, and there also other options for making carrying laptops safe and easy. A custom blow molded carrying case is a great alternative to a Toughbook. These specialized laptop cases are built with a nearly indestructible shell that has foam inserts on the inside. The case is set up to perfectly fit your laptop, so even if you drop the case the laptop will remain safe. These cases, although bulkier than a soft shell cases, will allow you to travel and know that you won’t break the computer.

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