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Inserts for Cases

Carrying cases can be customized to house very unique and specific products. Whether it is a case for camera lens, medical equipment, or computers, it is important to house your expensive and fragile equipment in a case that has a strong outside and a custom fitting inside. You'll find the military, aerospace industry, and telecommunication companies using these cases on a frequent basis. Although carrying cases are strong, they work best when the insides are customized for optimal use. That means choosing between a pick and pluck foam or full-foam inserts. It also means deciding on the inside organization of the case. Below we will be going over some different customization options for custom carrying cases, but when shopping it is important to speak with a professional case making company. case foam insertsThey will be able to fully understand your needs, so that they can provide you with the best options.

Case Foam Inserts

There are two main types of foam used when creating these strong cases: Polyethylene (PE) and Polyurethane (Ester). You can spot PE foam first by its color. The black foam is darker than charcoal colored Ester. PE has a few benefits

Charcoal benefits are:
Softer foam

Once you have picked the type of foam that works best for you, it is time to decide what style the foam will be cut in. There are three common options: convoluted/diced, solid, and convoluted. Convoluted/diced foam is commonly referred to as Pick and Pluck foam. To make the strongest of cases, usually you will use solid foam for the top of the case and either diced or convoluted for the bottom. This is because diced and convoluted is easier to customize.
A top of the line custom carrying case company will be able to cut their cases in different ways. Different styles of cutting allow for different strength cases to be made. This includes, die cutting, wire cutting, knife cutting, and water-jet cutting. Each of the options offers different benefits. Wire cutting allows for deep/larger cases to be made, where as water-jet cutting offers the highest level of accuracy for unique styles/shapes.

Custom Carrying Case

There are plenty of options when it comes to designing and purchasing a custom carrying case. Make sure you think about all your options, so that you get the best case possible.

Custom Foam Inserts:

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