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Hard or Soft Cases

When choosing a custom carrying case, the most important criteria to consider are the differences between soft or hard cases. Both variations are appropriate for different uses, and both boast distinctive benefits and downsides.  There are many nuances to be aware of when searching for the perfect custom carrying case.

Soft cases are constructed with canvas like or nylon material that compresses and flexes under pressure. This means that the case has no outer shell to protect it from heavy damage. On the upside, soft cases are much lighter than their hard shell counterparts. As a result of being flexible, you can fit much more in a soft shell case because they expand in the presence of pressure.

Hard custom carrying cases are inflexible and do not bend under pressure. These cases are usually made out of blow molded plastic and are excellent at protecting the contents inside the case. If you are transporting fragile goods, it may be best to use a hard case.  For example, cameras, lab equipment, and medical tools should be safely transported in a hard shell, plastic case. Hard shell cases are extremely rigid and do not offer any extra space, but its rigidity ensures that any good is well protected.

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