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Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Carrying Cases

Plastic carrying cases are used for a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, media and design, education, and health. That is why it is so important to get to know and understand how your company and/or industry will use a carrying case before deciding upon which model(s) would best suit your needs.

We wanted to share with you a few of the most frequently asked questions pertaining to carrying cases. We hope that this will answer any looming questions you have about whether or not this product will work for you.

1) What is blow molding?

Many of the pieces that form our plastic carrying cases are made with blow molding. Blow molding is a process by which we manufacture hollowed, plastic parts that we use to create our cases. You will find three different kinds of blow molding:

The process used to make the cases is extrusion blow molding. The plastic is melted down and is formed it into a parison or preformed piece. A parison is a piece of plastic formed into a tube that has a hole on one end to allow compressed air to pass through. The parison will then be clamped into a mold where air will be blown into it to form the case, or the plastic pieces for the case. When the plastic is cool and has hardened, the piece will be pulled from the parison and the process starts again. 

2) How does blow molding differ from other plastic molding processes?

Blow molding is exclusively used to make hollow parts that make excellent plastic carrying cases. Other kinds of blow molding are used to form solid pieces that are useful on their own. These plastic pieces may include plastic utensils, the handle of a plastic cup, or other items.

Plastic Carrying Cases

3) What is the biggest advantage to using blow molded carrying cases?

The molds for blow molded carrying cases tend to be cheaper than other kinds of molding like aluminum or steel. Plastic is generally a much easier material to transport either by hand or machine without having to worry about cracks, dents, or scratches.

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