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What Can Blow Molding Cases Do For Your Business?

What would it mean for your business if your expensive equipment broke while in-route to a job? So much chaos happens while traveling that you need to be overprotective of gear like cameras, lenses, computers, and guns. It is common for equipment to be sold with base-level carrying cases. These cases are meant to transport gear, but they do not necessarily provide the best protection. Between turbulence on a plane, the rattling of a train, and the clumsiness of ordinary people, products in a case can get jumbled and turned around. Expensive equipment typically is fragile, so you need the best protection the market has.

blow molded cases

Blow Molded Cases

Have you considered blow molded cases with custom foam inserts?

  1. Blow molding creates plastic cases that are durable with excellent impact strength. Blow molded cases can be dropped, bumped, and banged without breaking, cracking, or denting.
  2. Blow molded plastic does not corrode or rust. They are also resistant to moisture, solvents, and oils.
  3. Blow molded cases have a double-wall construction that endows cases with an extra cushion of air.
  4. Custom foam inserts make cases unique. Each case is designed to house specific equipment. Specialized foam is picked depending on the weight, size, and shape of the object being carried.
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